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Thinking about making your own invitations?

Whether you need a little help getting started or a lot of help along the way, I am your resource.  

Design My knowledge of paper, color and layouts can help you design the perfect invitation for your event!  I can help find that perfect paper, ribbons, fonts and graphics and embellishments.  I can also help with the wording for the invitation and accessory pieces.
Printing If you don’t have a printer that will print your invitations in a high quality manner, I can help you. Plus, there are papers that are hard to print on or need special care when printing on them and you can wind up wasting paper and making numerous trips to the store if you don’t know about your paper.
Assembly Having the right materials to assemble your invitations is important to how they will look.   Why spend extra money on buying those tools when I can host you and your friends at an “assembly party” and have available everything you need.

Ask me for a free consultation to discuss invitations and your options!

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